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The Institute of Bankers of The Gambia is a prominent educational institution dedicated to advancing the banking and financial services sector within The Gambia. Established to provide specialized training, education, and professional development, the institute serves as a hub for individuals seeking to excel in the dynamic field of banking.



Competency Framework

Acquire the Technical Skills You Need!

Bankers need a critical and in-depth knowledge of the core functions of banking for efficient performance of their duties.

Each Banker needs the following techincal:
Economics of Banking and Finance
Finance in the Global Market
Bank Management and Strategy
Infrastructure Finance Lending
Corporate Financial Services
Bank Management and Strategy
Enterprise Risk Management
Central Banking/Deposit Insurance System


Do you have the Soft Skills
To start a Banking Career

A Professional Banker needs to develop and hone his interpersonal skills as well as maximize his logical and creative mind. There is need to develop and hone their interpersonal skills. Customer Service and Relationship Management, Human Resource Management. In addition to the above, those who undertake the programme also develop the following skills and competencies; Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Analytical,
Leadership and Negotiationh Banker needs the following technical 

Upgrade Your Digital Skills

At the core of the modern world and in extension modern banking is digital skills. Disruption in the Banking and
Finance industry is enabled by technological innovations

Professional bankers at all levels should develop digital skills and utilize them to better deliver more value to customers ultimately leading to the advancement of the Banking and Finance industry

Become an Ethical Banker

Banking is a profession that thrives on the honesty and integrity of its practitioners. Every decision, action, and non-action by a Professional Banker or a Financial Institution has to be underpinned by Ethics, Codes of Conduct, Regulations and Professional behavior

Fintech digital banking Unlock your potential Today

Banking Law and Regulation, Ethics, Corporate Governance & Professionalism, Bank Audit and

Syllabus Structure


Institute of Bankers of The Gambia
Institute of Bankers of The Gambia

Excellence in Education

IBG is dedicated to delivering high-quality education, equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in the banking and financial industry.


A foundational knowledge to students work within teams as well as perform efficiently at an operational level within the Banking and Finance Industry

Intermediate Professional

Candidates will be able to identify and evaluate risks, chart out medium-term actionable plans and manage operational activities to realize the long-term goals

Chartered Banker

Candidates build expertise in chosen areas of the Banking and Finance industry and gain a broader knowledge in developing a long-term strategy

Experimental Learning

An interactive role simulation Module, which tests candidates’ ability to respond to real-life work-based activities. Begin your journey with us!

Professional Banking & Financial Education

Skills for the Modern Economy

We get you equipped with Digital banking skills which are highly relevant in today's economy, where online and mobile banking have become integral to financial transactions and services.

Institute of Bankers of The Gambia
Institute of Bankers of The Gambia

Professional Banking & Financial Education

Industry-Relevant Curriculum

with the advancement of Technology, and quick access to information; IBG's curriculum is designed to meet the demands of the ever-evolving banking sector, keeping up with the latest trends, regulations, and best practices.









Professional Banking & Financial Education

Become a Chartered Banker

Are you ready to elevate your banking career to new heights? Embark on a journey of professional excellence and distinction by becoming a Chartered Banker. This prestigious credential is a hallmark of expertise, ethics, and leadership in the banking industry.

As a Chartered Banker, you'll join a distinguished community of financial professionals who have demonstrated a deep understanding of banking principles, regulations, and best practices. You'll gain access to unparalleled opportunities for career advancement, networking, and personal growth.

institute of Bankers of the Gambia

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